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For children 8 - 12 yrs

Inspire Young Minds

To Dream Big

And Never Give Up

Dream believe, never give up

About the Book

Dream Believe-Never Give up is a children’s book geared to ages 8 – 12 years with beautiful and engaging illustrations done by an award-winning illustrator,  who has worked on many Disney projects.  The book is based on a true story of a fathers love and encouragement to support his sons to follow their dreams believe in themselves and never give up.  

~George DeMartino


George DeMartino

George DeMartino, podcaster and now author, will be the first to tell you about his two accomplished boys, shortly followed by a brief anecdote about always pushing himself and others to achieve their dreams. It’s a sort of mantra for George, that you can achieve your dreams if you just believe in what you’re doing and push to accomplish your goals no matter the obstacles. 

This is the passion he instilled in his two sons and all those that surround him. All of this has led him to the publication of this book where sharing his stories and those of others will hopefully serve to motivate and inspire you to Dream, Believe on your path to following your dreams.


About the Producer and Illustrator

PREMISE Entertainment is a premiere media-based production company specializing in visual storytelling and character development for animation, film, publishing and themed entertainment. The studio consist of industry professionals, and former Walt Disney Feature Animation colleagues, and industry veterans located in Orlando  Florida.  Premise is an originator of creative content as well as a support and Co-Production studio. Premise services also include a creative agency, Premise Creative, and outsource support as a development and partner studio.

Dominic Carola, President and Studio Director

As an entrepreneur and artist, Dominic Carola has enjoyed life’s journey of pursuing dreams and helping others to make those dreams a reality.  Carola is an award-winning Director and Producer of animated content and has been in the Film and Animation industry executing visual storytelling for more than twenty-five years.   While at CalArts, he was recruited by Walt Disney Feature Animation and went on to spend more than a decade working for (WDFA) in Orlando, Florida.  While at Disney, Mr. Carola became a Lead Animator and animated on such films as LILO & STITCH, MULAN and BROTHER BEAR.   His other animation film credits include JOHN HENRY, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, POCAHONTAS and THE LION KING.   


Book Funding Project

We are raising $75k to produce and market this inspiring children’s book. This will be the only book of its type on the market for children. Your support will help to inspire children to achieve their dreams.  98% of adults never achieve a dream or goal they have in their lifetime. My hope is that by sharing this book with their children. They too will be inspired.  When I realized the potential of our story to inspire others. I started a podcast  Where I inspire listeners through my stories and those of others to achieve their dreams and goals. The podcast has done very well and we are overwhelmed with listeners wanting to share their stories. The potential of this story is unlimited. I’m so proud to have an opportunity to share this story and make dreams come true. Your support will make all of this possible. With your donation I will keep you updated on the developments of the book with illustrations and inspiring content.

Pledge & Reward Levels

$5 Our Thanks

This level will receive a heartfelt thanks directly from George DeMartino himself, the character on which this story is based, for bringing this project a step closer to funding. We believe that this book portrays a special meaning that is needed to help inspire children in today's era.

$20 E-Book

This level will receive an E-Book download once released and a heartfelt thank you email directly from George DeMartino himself.

$50 Hardcover Book

This level will receive one of the first copies of the hardcover book, and personally signed by George DeMartino, once released later this year.

$100 Two (2)
Hardcover Books

This level will receive two of the first copies of the hardcover book, and personally signed by George DeMartino, once released later this year.

$500 Ten (10)
Hardcover Books

This level will receive ten of the first copies of the hardcover book, donated to a library or school on your behalf.

$1000 Twenty (20)
Hardcover Books

This level will receive twenty of the first copies of the hardcover book, donated to a library or school on your behalf.

Significant Donation ($1000+)

If interested in a significant donation to be a part of this project, please contact George DeMartino directly via email at ge****@dr**********************.com and he will reach out directly to you to discuss.

Open to live book reading in schools as well.

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